“Transamazonica” is a revelatory account of the 21st century Amazon, exposing with insight and emotion the very real dangers which the area currently faces.

The 6-part documentary series was premiered at prime time on CBC in Canada and since then has been broadcast by Aljazeera, Fox, TVB and TVN.

The feature film has been selected as part of the official selection for Docs Without Borders and the International Road Movie Film Festival.  Continue Reading >>

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Kapp to Cape

“Kapp to Cape”, the 4-part TV series, was aired worldwide on Fox Channel, Outside TV, YLE and various other networks internationally. The film was listed in the official selection of the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, and was shown at other adventure film festivals around the world.

In 2013, Reza teamed up with Steven Pawley in an attempt to set the World Record for the Fastest Bicycle Journey from Nordkapp in the Arctic Circle to Cape Town in South Africa. Continue Reading >>

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From Russia to Iran : Crossing the Wild Frontier


Reza joined fellow adventurer Levison Wood on the last leg of his 6000-mile journey through the Caucasus Mountains in Iran.

They trekked across Lake Urmia, once one of the largest salt lakes in the world. Travelling via the ancient Valley of the Assassins, they reached Tehran and caught a lift through town with a biker gang.

From Tehran, they faced the Alborz mountains, a mighty range that they needed to cross in order to reach the Caspian Sea and the end of their journey. Continue Reading >>


Cycling Sahara

Reza set out to cross the Sahara, by bicycle. The journey became one of survival as he cycled, solo, through the largest desert in the world, through sandstorms, searing heat and hunger, only to find the humanity of the Tuareg people. Continue Reading >>


Chad : A Humanitarian Catastrophe

In partnership with Oxfam and The United Nations, Reza travelled to Chad to document the lives of various indigenous tribes that have remained untouched by the modern world, and reveals how their existence has come under significant threat by the humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad area. Continue Reading >>



Reza Produced the Award-winning documentary Timbo detailing the construction of dams by energy companies in the Brazilian Amazon. These dams would destroy the heart of the world's largest rainforest, and severely affect the communities of indigenous people. If built, the dams would not only flood an area the size of London, Paris and Amsterdam combined, but would also submerge toxic locals plants which, when dissolved in water, can be lethal to humans. These plants are commonly known as Timbó.



In Development : Forgotten Frontiers


Coming Soon : Reza Pakravan is setting off on an epic journey along Africa’s most forgotten frontiers to discover the lives of those who live there.

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