In 2016, Reza undertook a 4000-mile journey across the Amazon rainforest to discover the fragility of ‘the lungs of the planet’ and the toilsome lives of those who call it home. Joined by journalist Pip Stewart, they set out to investigate the perils faced by the Amazon, and to experience the greatest rainforest on earth in a unique and breath-taking expedition along the Trans-Amazonian Highway.


Their journey took them to some of the most remote and hostile places on Earth, where they experienced living with various tribes whose lives have come under severe threat by various environmental crimes. In Brazil, they joined the Tembe and the Munduruku tribes, and were offered intimate access to their rituals and ceremonies. And in Peru, they departed the Trans-Amazonian Highway to travel upriver by boat, where they found some of the last isolated tribes left anywhere in the world.

“Transamazonica” is a revelatory account of the 21st century Amazon, exposing with insight and emotion the very real dangers which the area currently faces.

The 6-part documentary series was premiered at prime time on CBC in Canada and since then has been broadcast by Aljazeera, Fox, TVB and TVN.

The feature film has been selected as part of the official selection for Docs Without Borders and the International Road Movie Film Festival.  

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