The Amazon

In 2016, Reza undertook a 4000-mile journey across the Amazon rainforest to discover the fragility of 'the lungs of the planet’ and the toilsome lives of those who call it home.

Joined by journalist Pip Stewart, they set out to investigate the perils faced by the Amazon, and to experience the greatest rainforest on earth in a unique and breath-taking expedition along the Trans-Amazonian Highway.

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The Length of The Planet

In 2013, Reza teamed up with Steven Pawley in an attempt to set the World Record for the Fastest Bicycle Journey from Nordkapp in the Arctic Circle to Cape Town in South Africa.

“Kapp to Cape”, the 4-part TV series, was aired worldwide on Fox Channel, Outside TV, YLE and various other networks internationally. The film was listed in the official selection of the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, and was shown at other adventure film festivals around the world.  

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The Sahara Desert

In March 2011, Reza embarked on the expedition which would earn him the Guinness World Record for “Crossing of the Sahara Desert by Bicycle”.

The journey became one of survival as, solo, he crossed through the largest desert in the world, through sandstorms, searing heat, hunger, and the punishing desert terrain.

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Chad: The Complex Heart of Africa

With its harsh climate and dangerous borders, Chad is one of the least developed countries in the world. Reza’s recent solo trip through this land of extremes uncovered the lives of the indigenous tribes who remain untouched by the modern world.

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From Russia to Iran : Crossing the Wild Frontiers

Reza joined fellow adventurer Levison Wood on the last leg of his 6000-mile journey through the Caucasus Mountains in Iran. They visited Lake Urmia, once one of the largest salt lakes in the world. Travelling via the ancient Valley of the Assassins, where a thousand years ago the world's first terror group launched their attacks, Lev and Reza reached Iran's capital Tehran and caught a lift through town with a biker gang.

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The Himalayas

In 2010, Reza teamed up with his trusted friend Marco Gustapane to cycle the almighty Annapurna Circuit (APC) and see the entirety of Nepal on mountain bikes. They cycled off-road, over rocky terrain, through Buddhist villages and over terrifying suspension bridges.

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Atlas Mountains

In 2013, Reza and Steven Pawley cycled the length of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Their journey followed the mountain passes and valleys across the great range, and along the way they experienced the taste of the nomadic life that exists across the Atlas Mountains.

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Caspian Sea and Sabalan

In April 2000, Reza set off from the capital Tehran by mountain bike into the Alborz Mountains in the north of Iran to reach the shores of the Caspian Sea. He managed to reach and then follow the Azerbaijan border, crossing the high mountains to reach the foothills of Mount Sabalan, the second highest peak in Iran (4,800m).

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Madagarscar (1).jpg


Reza joined a group of volunteers from the SEED organization to spend a month in a remote village in the south of Madagascar building a school. The village was five hours away from any civilization. Adopting the Malagasy way of life, working a demanding construction job with primitive tools shoulder to shoulder with Malagasy people made it a fascinating experience. Ever since, Reza has been helping SEED to build schools and promote education in Madagascar.