Cycling The Sahara Desert

In March 2011, Reza embarked on the expedition which would earn him the Guinness World Record for “Crossing of the Sahara Desert by Bicycle”. The journey became one of survival as, solo, he crossed through the largest desert in the world, through sandstorms, searing heat, hunger, and the punishing desert terrain.

He was able to survive through a combination of the advice given by his Tuareg guide and his own endurance skill-set, and the intermittent oases he found on the way gave him much succor. As he was reaching the notorious Niger border, he was forced to keep a low profile and rely on the network of Tuareg people, for human trafficking and insurgency were widespread there.

Reza shot most of his journey. By capturing the unexpected, he delivered a truly authentic adventure film which was aired by the BBC World Service.

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