Chad : The Complex Heart of Africa

With its harsh climate and dangerous borders, Chad is one of the least developed countries in the world. Reza’s recent solo trip through this land of extremes uncovered the lives of the indigenous tribes who remain untouched by the modern world.

From the shores of Lake Chad to the red soils of the Savannah, Reza met and lived with remote tribes, learning their cultures, traditions and the skills they use to survive. Indigenous groups such as the Kanembu, the Boudouma and the Bougourmi – distinguished by the patterned scars on their faces – taught Reza about their world: a disconnected world, with little to no infrastructure.

On the plains of the Savannah, Reza lived with the Wodaabe: one of the last remaining nomad groups on Earth. Within this tribe, married women have the right to take a different married man as their sexual partner (and though the man has the opportunity to refuse, he rarely does). Yet the Wodaabe’s unique way of life is under threat, with desertification and the expansion of settled, agricultural lands leaving them less and less room to roam each year.

Reza’s documentary about Chad is coming soon. In the meantime, read his article in the Outdoor Journal now.

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