A real story of courage and inspiration. One of the greatest motivational speeches we have ever heard.
— Brit Insurance
Reza is a truly talented storyteller with a strong and yet authentic stage presence.
— TEDx Hamburg
Reza had the audience hanging on his every word.
— Factory Berlin
Outstanding and Inspiring
— University College London

The Power of Add-Venture


Through his high-energy motivational keynotes at corporate events, Reza uses his record-breaking journeys to demonstrate the key qualities necessary for success, including personal motivation, resilience and the tapping of potential.

Reza’s authentic message resonates with corporate audiences - before his life of adventure, he spent a decade working for leading companies in the London Financial Market. Using his own story as a case study, Reza provides relatable lessons to businesses, of how by adding-venture he managed to transform himself from an apathetic employee stuck in a rut to a corporate intrepreneur who undertook and executed major projects, and then later transformed himself even further into a serial entrepreneur.

He now produces and presents successful television series which have sold around the world. His approach is straightforward: “Add-venture”. Facing unexpected obstacles creates ownership, resilience, trains problem-solving and unleashes potential. This ownership is fundamental in creating motivation which by definition is “the reason to take action”.

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Reza delivered a powerful talk with great humour and passion in front of 500 people. His talk was the highlights of our conference.
— iBridge Tech Conference
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Reza’s documentaries and books have taken audiences on his epic journeys to some of the the most extreme environments on earth. He explains how he uses “Dream big, Take Small Steps” approach in preparing and executing major expeditions and the real-life challenges faced by businesses and individuals.

What keeps you going when facing difficult times filled with physical and mental obstacles?

Reza explains his own personal strategies: those which he employed to deal with the hardships and headwinds; those which helped him to stay resilient under mounting pressure; those which led him to success.

He discusses the power of encouragement, validation and faith that what you do matters; demonstrates how they helped him to keep going after surviving malaria and heatstroke in the middle of the desert in Africa; and relates this to how both businesses and individuals can pull through and keep going no matter what their obstacles may be.

Reza is surely a very passionate and genuine speaker. His delivery which revolved around challenging conventions in creating a legacy was indeed very motivating.
— University of Bath

Actionable Learning With a Slice of Humour

Almost all of Reza’ sessions are based around the ‘How To’ mentality of getting things done in business and in life. His talks break down the process of his internal transformation and disseminate the powerful learning experiences of:

• How to unleash potential as a result of Adding-venture to your life.

• How to achieve major goals by ‘Dreaming Big, Thinking Small’.

• How to stay resilient under mounting pressure and turn adversity into success.

• How to control risks when dealing with unfamiliar circumstances.

Delivered with high energy, humour and incredible visuals, Reza's talks fill his audiences with the resolution and motivation to enhance themselves by adding-venture to their personal and work lives. Those things that helped him succeed in some of the most extreme environments on Earth can help your team succeed in business.

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Reza brings a perfect balance of passion and razor-sharp delivery. He had the Yestival audience hooked after a thoughtful, powerful speech.
— Yestival


After the talk finished, there was a torrent of applause from the audience, breathtaking.
— TEDxTehran
Reza’s engaging story telling invited us into a journey of unforgettable circumstances, which he delivered with passion and humour. Every single person in our audience was inspired.
— Featured in Fifteen
Thank you Reza, they absolutely loved you.
— Escape the City
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