Yet for every scrape with death, Reza has a myriad of unforgettable and life-affirming experiences.
— The Independent
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Reza Pakravan is a filmmaker, adventurer, author and motivational speaker.  He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and listed amongst the world’s top 20 most seasoned travellers. His documentaries, talks and books have taken audiences on his epic journeys to some of the most remote corners of the world.  

Reza’s constant thirst for adventure has earned him the Guinness World Record  for crossing the Sahara Desert by bicycle. Pushing his ultra endurance limits further, he cycled the 11,000-mile length of the planet from north to south in the record time of 102 days.

He has presented and produced prime time TV series aired worldwide on networks such as the BBCChannel 4, Fox, AljazeeraCBC and SRF and is currently a featured contributor to The Outdoor Journal

Much of Reza’s recent work has focused on the issues faced by remote, indigenous peoples: revealed in his 6-part prime time TV series "Transamazonica" and his upcoming project about the tribes of Chad.  

Reza is a highly regarded motivational speaker, and uses his inspirational stories to help businesses and individuals to achieve peak performance.  

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